Robotic crop sprayer

The TEKspray has been designed to optimise efficient and controlled application of sprays on indoor crops. Unique to sprayers currently on the market, the TEKspray robot uses an innovative docking system to quickly refill a small on board spray tank between row changes resulting in a light weight and efficient battery powered spray machine. Intuitive Integrated precision spray management software ensures calculated spray applications are achieved & maintained.

Exclusive features:

  • Adaptive hardware (buy in at any level)
  • Precise smart spray programmable application
  • Industry only auto refill side shift docking system
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Air-boost spray fan deposition technology
  • Pipe locating ramps on docking station (safe controlled return to concrete)
  • Fully autonomous model with 1000 Litre capacity (Hose free)

Adaptive Range...

“Innovation that future proofs your business & sustainability”